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Our current number system assumes the long-standing Archimedean property: if a number is smaller than every other number, it must be zero. The idea should make sense: numbers should be zero or not-zero, right? (Geniuses of the time thought negatives “wrapped around” after you passed infinity.) Infinitely small numbers face a similar predicament today: they’re new, challenge some long-held assumptions, and are considered “non-standard”. Negatives exist if you allow them and have consistent rules for their use.A private messaging app that takes from your existing social media profiles and adds them to your “bubble.” The content is posted for all of your friends to see.Direct messaging is one of the main features of this app. I agree the annual day of pranks and goofs has become a shallow excuse for brands to cloyingly plea for our attention, but sometimes that desperation can transcend into genuine humor.You get the sense, on April Fools' Day, that a certain set of people really love their job. In an effort to maintain my optimism on this unholy holiday, I've ranked the internet's April Fools' pranks from best to worst. Think Geek's April Fools' gags are typically thoughtfully conceived faux-products, some of which become real products once enough fans offer enough money.ASKfm has a Safety Center to “empower users with the information, guidance and tools they need to navigate safely and enjoy the service.” Watch this Safe Smart Social video to learn more.

Includes stories from Slender Man, a fictional character that inspired two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls to stab and nearly kill a friend.The fridge door lock can then only be deactivated with consent from a designated person such as your mother or significant other.Gmail has already pulled its poorly considered mic drop feature.Users could "send and mic drop" their emails with a button that attached a GIF of a Minion dropping a mic to outbound messages.Unfortunately, the button replaced Gmail's "Send and archive" option.