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Pin It Whether you are a novice or expert quilter, chances are there are things that you have not been taught, or you've been taught incorrectly.

(Don’t forget…it’s not too late to sign up for the Easi-Speak giveaway. This website has some great tips on where to find books for awesome deals and how to set up your library. The past two years, I’ve organized my book bins using little circular dots that come in different colors.I would place a colored dot on a label, and then place the same colored dot on all of the books that go in that bin. Seuss label, I would also place a red dot on all of my Dr. This helped my students (and me) stay very organized!Happened to necessitate the retrieval of information about the screen of the canonical X window system (X11) in use while I am employing Fedora Linux release 14.Some guys (or gals maybe) suggest achieving this by GTK calls like gdk_screen_get_resolution or the like, I will prefer to using the legacy routines of Xlib for accessing to the X window information.