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For additional information on the preparation of early manuscripts, see writing.

The Taurus season is the height of spring in the Northern Hemisphere -- when nature delights the senses and invites you to indulge in the beauty and pleasure of the physical world.

Ambrozy's son: LUDWIK TADEUSZ KOSCIUSZKO, 1700 - 1758 Tekla Ratomska, with children: Tadeusz Kosciuszko b.

1746, Jzef Kosciuszko, Anna Kosciuszko and Katarzyna Kosciuszko.

The more you align your work with your values and passions, the easier it will be to create the prosperity you desire. The Sun in your own sign and your 1st House of Self marks the start of your personal new year, and a time for getting in touch with your desires.

Pay attention to what feels fun, exciting and expansive and take the risk of incorporating more of these elements into your life.