Andrew vanwyngarden dating kirsten dunst

Crouching low, noses to snout, they take turns mumbling into a Black Berry and then holding it up to the puppy’s left ear. “He’s thinking about decorating his loft with Lebanese furniture,” he says to no one in particular, giggling.Their furrowed brows and tender pats suggest concern. Van Wyngarden — the shaggy, Marc Bolan–esque dandy — is in good spirits, despite being exhausted from the previous evening.

Using body parts, qualities, hobbies, and whatever else I can find from my favorite musicians, I’m going to create my perfect boyfriend 😀 So here we go, press play and find out how the perfect man looks like (to me, of course).

Brandon Flowers (The Killers)No one-night stands with groupies for Brandon.

Raised in a Mormon household, he's a passionate believer in the tradition of marriage: "The devotion part, I think of my parents being married for 45 years and how that’s a dying thing and I’m trying to hold onto some of those things. Carl Barat Carl Barat, formerly of The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things (he disbanded the latter band in 2008, saying things had become 'un-Libertine'), is currently riding high the NME.

The puppy’s state of mind, however, is inscrutable — sunglasses conceal his eyes, and his furry tongue dangles jauntily. Then, finally, a howling voice gets through: “Who are you with? MGMT performed at a New York Fashion Week party, complete with attendant Olsen twin, but he doesn’t remember actually playing.

A leafy sprig hangs from the scarf tied around his noggin. Ten yards away, barricaded in front of Toronto’s tony department store Holt Renfrew for the Toronto International Film Festival kickoff bash, paparazzi and camera crews grow visibly anxious. The 25-year-olds stroll toward the black carpet, possibly addled stuffed pooch in hand. He does remember drinking a lot of Maker’s Mark and “trying really hard to stay in control,” but not throwing pillows at security or fleeing into the streets or stumbling into a homeless shelter. He recalls getting thrown out of the shelter, whiskey bottle in hand, and being picked up on a sidewalk by two ladies who gave him water; he woke up at in the morning on their futon.