Asp net objectdatasource updating event

there any tools to tell me what events has been fired upon clicking a Form View's linkbutton? I have debugged that ODS's On Updating event is not invoked when I press the link button whose command name = "Update". NET's official class library between clicking the button and ODS's On Updating event, an exception must have been thrown, but it simply does not throw to the surface (believe me, I am already working under debug mode, every uncaptureded error must throw to surface).Such exception is probably aroused when ODS's do not match ODS Update Method's parameter. For the best practice or in the production phase, we should always make a clear separation between several layers of the application. Page Zee, Your approach is only good for learning phase. The business-logic class does not need to be aware of how the class that it's calling persists the data. Find Control("LName"); Text Box Age = (Text Box)row. As explained here The CRUD methods that call the repository class and the two constructors make it possible to use the business-logic class with whatever back-end data store you choose. Find Control("FName"); Text Box Lastname = (Text Box)row. When I finally resort to set the Update Method's parameter manually, everything works!

Here is the classe I want to call as part of my object Data Source: The class (most of it, there is an insert and select all too) I had a feeling that AJAX was messing things up so I created a blank page with only the code above, and then ran the code, it gave me an error Object Data Source could not find a non-generic method that takes parameters of type 'Tracker Dot Net.control.

I am having a problem where a Details View will not update the table. we have an old access system that I am slowly (when I get the time) porting

I have written a Data access layer that the database object classes call to access the data.

1 AND 4: Add "on Row Updated" to your gridview properties in your file. It would have Edit Item Template and Item Template like this: int index = grd Player.

(This is often called persistence ignorance.) Zee, To answer your 4 questions. 2 AND 3: Instead of using a Bound Field, why not use a Template Field.

Asp net objectdatasource updating event