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Porn is ok with another to stimulate your contact with her/him, however, you will go down a long lonly path if you let porn become your lover.Hope this helps Over A I have struggled with this same problem.Perhaps for good reason; but then again it shouldn’t become a relationship deal breaker.I can well appreciate that your partner looking at nude photos of bodacious beauties— secretly Here’s the deal with Cyber Sex: Most people automatically assume engaging in cyber sex equates to deviant behavior. First, you need to assess your situation and decide whether cyber sex is: a once in a while thing; or happens frequently enough to get in the way of your relationship.After the laughter subsided her mood completely shifted.In anger she confided, “And then a few months later I found him with his pants down in front of the computer, looking at nude pictures.” There was a nervous hesitation then, “I could never trust him after that.

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In February 2016, he is understood to have contacted them via Instagram private messages with a simple love heart emoji.

Trina Read A friend of mine came home one day and found her (now ex) husband in—ahem—a ‘compromising’ situation.

Excessive porn does mess with your ability to get turned on in real, intimate situations.

I went six months without looking at it, and noticed that my mind did "clear up" substantially. Just cut back on the self-love as much as possible and try your hardest to stop looking at the porn.