Cuck and bull dating

Dating doesn’t seem to be an option with ‘A’ and to be honest I want that and much more…to be clear I’m certainly not calling it quits with ‘A’.I desire a more complete relationship of three that includes my cuckold, james. —————————————– A White Wife Meets a Black Bull For quite a long time I had fantasized about a night with a dominant black bull, a real sexual free-for-all where I would be completely submissive to an experienced BBC lover.To be honest, I’d always been turned on by black men, but I was quite shy sexually until my husband encouraged me to enter the hotwife lifestyle.While I was sipping my pinot, across the table james, my obedient cuck, sat nursing his Stella until ‘Z’ arrived, who happened to be running late.When he arrived, ‘Z’ had that nervous excitement of a young boy, which I thought was endearing.Serena Williams was on course to become the first woman to win the Grand Slam if she’d been victorious at Flushing Meadows, having claimed the Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon crowns earlier that year.

Though my desire is and declaration has been to have black bulls, ‘Z’ is white.

When my husband first broached the subject of sharing me with other men, I thought he must be kidding.

I couldn’t believe that he seriously wanted to allow other men to have me.

After a lengthy text exchange of me explaining to ‘Z’ my desires and sharing the CM website (in particular my profile and posts), reading his well written and enthusiastic responses and finally seeing photos of him, in particular his cock that appeared endowed, I was intrigued. But as important as his cock size, was his enthusiastic grasp of our desires of finding the right partner to round out the relationship of three that we’re seeking, You might wonder why I’m looking when I have a boyfriend.

Though I enjoy our sex and the intense pleasure I receive from ‘A’, circumstances don’t allow our relationship to get beyond the bedroom.