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(TV: Rise of the Cybermen) As a child, she loved The Magic Roundabout.

Not only are these two delirously attractive, but Max, a model, and Andrés, a captain in the US Army, are also all about spreading positivity and love to every corner of the internet/world. Self-described "Writer/Photographer/puppy fanatic/HIV guru" Tyler Curry keeps his Instagram lit with cute couples photos and ab-tastic mirror selfies that will have you checking to make sure you didn't miss anything. And when they add a precious puppy into their wedding photos? Whether they're showing it all off on the lake or dapperly dressed up from head-to-toe, these super snuggly dudes can do no wrong. Hysterical comedian Fortune and her girlfriend are basically human "heart eyes" emojis when it comes to Instagramming about each other, and we can't get enough of their cuteness. One's an Olympian and the other's an Oscar Award-winner.

They constitute one of the largest collections of brick-surfaced streets in Texas.

Tyler, settled in the 1840s, owes its name to President John Tyler.

Sue Roberts and Loneta Nelson listen to a question during an interview in Omen, Texas, on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

Roberts attended Omen School when it was a thriving in the mid 20th century but now, it has been abandoned for years.