Dating in espa

After coming back from Italy, every time I use ESPA it takes me right back to those luscious grounds.

ESPA are a luxury spa group with over 450 spas located around some of the most beautiful places in the world.

They also have their own range of decadent spa products that are said to offer a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Pretty words, but in this instance I see what they’re going for.

Here, she talks about how she started out in the wellness industry and her inspiration and perserverance that led to the launch of the brand we all know and love today, ESPA. The Spa at Chancery Court, High Holborn, London How much? Stimulating the reflex zones and pressure points to purify and cleanse the body Where? If this came in a teeny plastic bottle rather than a classy glass one, I’d carry it around and squirt it on my arms and legs all summer day, every summer day. There is no point spending silly money on smart creams for them just to slide across the surface. The marine hero is winged kelp, which possesses the firming properties found in seaweeds, while buzz-ingredient turmeric beavers away for sunny radiance.