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December 2016 Book blurb: With their ten-year high school reunion on the horizon, four girlfriends make a pact to find the perfect guy—online. Single mom Angela Hudson thought she was ready to dip her toe in the dating waters again after her marriage imploded, but as dates #1, #2 and #3 turn out disastrous, she wonders if this is really worth it.

Especially when she’s more attracted to the handsome coffeeshop barista than any of her dates… He hoped working in his brother’s coffeeshop would distract him from the grief of losing his young wife.

That is the reason why there’s no doubt that a lot of people are using dating apps, especially those who are into millionaire dating.

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It is about finding that special person for someone.”Before starting the business 18 months ago Kerensa worked in TV, as a journalist and in PR.“I found that men were finding it hard to find people to date,” she says.“They didn’t always want to date women in high powered jobs, many want someone who works in a more of a caring profession such as a teacher or nurse.“Many of the people I work with don’t have time to date online or have done it and had a bad experience so want to put their trust in someone else who they know will vet and help them find someone.“Some I will suggest they go to people like Ivy International Matchmaking but others I will work with myself.”Kerensa also uses other traditional methods.

“I will go up to people in the street if they have the look I’m going for,” she smiles.“I have gone up to women in the street to ask if they are single.“I do get some funny looks from people but I am a mum to daughters and of an age so when I go and ask them and tell them I am a matchmaker by giving them my card they do tend to relax.

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