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Single business owners and corporate professionals are laser-focused on their careers and companies, but want that missing companionship, so when it comes to finding love, many start online, and dating sites are everywhere—Pew Research Center reports that one in five adults between 25-35 years old use them.

Interestingly enough, only five percent of people who are married or in committed relationships met their significant other online.

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, they will provide you my full details including my hotel address and contact number as long as you pass their check it takes like 2 minutes. If you have nothing to hide then MESSAGE me back then i’ll give you the instruction on how to get Verification ID okay babe ..😘😘😘” WARNING: You are being scammed!

The couple started seeing each other almost one year after, giving tabloids one good reason to make stories on them.

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Imagine then the landscape for the single professional who is always on the go.

For them, dating sites typically result in a woeful web experience, bad blind dates (usually a string of first dates only), and wasted time.