Error validating the uitest xml

I have an i OS app built in Objective C using Xcode and a UITest written in C# using Xamarin.UITest, and I'm trying to create a Continuous Integration workflow in Bit Rise. I have an i OS app which is not developed using Xamarin.I need the test to wait for an Image to appear on the screen before executing the next step.

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UITest. we also need to submit an App.config file (as our test assembly relies on ...Testing on physical devices is an important part of creating a mobile application.Calabash allows developers to create automated tests for mobile applications and Xamarin Test Cloud provides a service that will run these tests on hundreds of physical devices. UITest project from the Xamarin template for UITest projects.Next, submit the test to Xamarin Test Cloud: Xamarin Studio will build your APK, upload it and the tests to Xamarin Test Cloud.