Freakshow morgue and asia ray dating

The sophomore season of the reality show continues to follow the lives of Todd Ray's Venice Beach Freakshow, with its classically-inspired circus sideshow acts and a cast that doesn't conform to the norm with all their bizarre, unique and wonderful looks and talents.

Then there's 'Asia Ray', Todd's daughter and a member of the Freakshow stage troupe since she was a teenager, with her retro costumes and 40's movie star inspired hairdo, fire-eating is just one of her on stage acts.

Later, Morgue and Asia discuss the auditions and he informs her that he has been working on a new stunt that is "more dangerous" than anything he's ever done.

Meanwhile, Garry "Stretch" Turner (the man with "the stretchiest skin in the world") arrives at the Freakshow.

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The big day arrives and Todd introduces his selection for the newest member of the Freakshow family: Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress -- to Asia's dismay.

Freakshow hypeman Matt Mc Carthy and host the Amazing Ali (who together make up L. On our fan pages on like Facebook and Twitter, we get a lot of messages from people telling us how we’ve touched their lives. One night I stayed up all night online helping a 13-year-old girl write a paper for a school project about people who are different.

A.’s littlest couple, measuring in at 4-foot-2 and 3-foot-5, respectively) are stoked about their jobs. I answered all of her questions and for me, that was very rewarding.

In AMC's family drama and reality show, "Freakshow"; viewers are treated to an inside look at one of Venice Beach, California's most popular boardwalk attractions, the Venice Beach Freakshow.

Owner Todd Ray and his' family; wife, Danielle and their children, Asia and Phoenix; star in this unique reality show alongside human attractions, which are regarded as "extended family".