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For more information concerning each of our locations, please use our "Locations" menu above., a memorable book by Michael Pollan, taught me years ago to shop the outermost areas of the supermarket first. “All things in moderation” still reigns as the rule of thumb here, so prioritize clean eating over a quest for guilt-reducing vocabulary.These shelves are full of the most important food staples, like fruit, vegetables, eggs, yogurt, butter, and lean protein, and often bulk bins of whole grains. For example, go for all-fruit spreads and natural nut butter.The study, which swabbed carts and produce at different types of stores, found that traditional grocery store produce was covered with 746 times more bacteria than a steering wheel, while produce at an upscale grocery store contained 11 times more germs than a pet food bowl.“I was really surprised to see how much bacteria was found on the produce we swabbed,” Angela Kane, a creative team member at Reuse This, tells Hello Giggles.