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Section 49:3-71; breach of Section 10b of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, 15 U.

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Daymark is one of the largest real estate asset management companies in the country, serving more than 5,200 clients and overseeing a nationwide portfolio of commercial property totaling approximately 33 million square feet, including more than 8,700 multifamily units.

Grubb & Ellis has exited the tenant-in-common business with the disposition of its wholly owned subsidiary.

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S., and we plan to use our knowledge of the sector to enhance the company's competitive advantage and performance in the marketplace," said , managing partner of Infinity's Urban Century investment unit.

"We believe that the investment acumen and capital markets relationships of Sovereign Capital and Infinity Urban Century will strengthen this platform with asset capital solutions and deep real estate management experience." Grubb & Ellis entered the tenant-in-common business as part of the company's 2007 merger with NNN Realty Advisors, Inc.