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This was the middle-class Axomiya’s first encounter with a pride parade.

At 21, Sharma is still unsure about coming out to her family.

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“But I have a long way to go,” she says, “and so does my city.” Guwahati and its one million plus population are experiencing, like most other Indian cities, the growing pains of change.

While over the last decade, high-rise residential and commercial complexes, several malls and nightclubs have come up, it’s a city with a complex modernity, caught between the old and the new.

Back in school, when she first started questioning her sexuality, she confided in a friend that she might be a lesbian. Sharma tries to take little — and probably unnoticed — steps towards telling them: actively supporting Xukia (which her parents think is a support group for transgenders ), changing her “interests” from “men” to “women” on Facebook, making it a point not to wear a mask at the parade.

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