Information regarding corporate managed updating

You will not be able to use this software unless you have been setup as a contributor by a Bloomberg representative.For more information, view the Desktop Contributions Application Guide.If you have Manage permissions for a meeting, you can view a list of all invited attendees for each meeting room.However, if this meeting is presented as an event, view and manage participants in the Event Management tab. If you are an administrator or have Manage permissions for this meeting’s folder, you can add or remove attendees.Needless to say, saving the help desk and administrators from the near-impossible task of keeping the end users information up-to-date!A critical task, since the user information doubles up as corporate white pages.Take advantage of time-saving tips and suggestions from industry experts and your peers on how to better serve your customers.

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AD real time update is the highlight of the web based self service update tool; the Active Directory self update by users are instantly updated to help avoid false data being circulated in critical searches by the Administration / fellow employees.If you do not have access to the List Manager, you will be unable to use this software. You will not be able to use this software unless you have been set up as a contributor by a Bloomberg representative.This software is subject to Terms and Conditions of Service.If the resources are to be transferred to another organization, please refer to the APNIC transfer page for more information on how records can be updated.If you need to update records not managed under an APNIC account, it is most likely that these are historical resources.