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The travelers of Ireland are not Roma, but they are considered Gypsies by many.

The Romani people faced discrimination because of their dark skin and were once enslaved by Europeans.

Reviews and reader feedback for the Explore Books titles has been very encouraging. It is excellent to have a proper theoretical exploration of folklore. ) and deserves to be the standard work in the field.

Congratulations on producing something so brilliant and well-researched. The notion of the returning dead, intent on drinking the blood of the living has been an extremely potent image at least as far back as Classical Greece and Rome, while various blood-drinking 'revenants' and 'undead' feature in the medieval lore of several European countries.

The term Gypsy, considered to be mildly derogative, according to the Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption organization (FRUA), is a holdover from when it was thought these people came from Egypt.

However, a study published in 2012 concluded that Romani populations have a high frequency of a particular Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA that are only found in populations from South Asia.

They speak of non-Travellers as “the settled people.” Mistrusted for the most part and not well-understood.

While the reputation of a certain Transylvanian Count is little more than the fantasy of an Irish author whose original intent was an anti-English political metaphor, the reality of vampires is far more enthralling and extends in time and place well beyond nineteenth century Europe.

Dr Bob Curran's new book, , shows how the pedigree of vampires is far older than recent literary and cinematic trends would suggest.

By combining history and folklore he sheds light on a subject so often shrouded in gloom and murkiness.

In the run up to the wedding, the couple aren't allowed to be together without a chaperone, with Josie explaining gypsy girls can never be alone with a gypsy boy because it would ruin their reputation.

She said: 'When I first seen them, it was like "My God…" They did look like prostitutes - that’s how you would describe them…