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If adjusted for any decrease or increase in assets, expense ratios would be higher or lower, respectively, than the numbers shown above.

Please see the Fund's prospectus for additional details.

Thus, whatever the surviving spouse doesn’t actually spend from the bypass trust can flow estate-tax-free to the future beneficiaries.

Industrial-operating margins increased due to favorable costs and restructuring benefits. With 28% lower loss provisions, GE Capital reported positive-pretax income versus a loss last year.The bypass trust is a popular estate planning strategy used to reduce a couple’s exposure to estate taxes, by leaving the assets of the first spouse to die not to the surviving spouse, but to a trust for his/her beneficiary instead.If the surviving spouse doesn’t inherit the assets directly, they’re not subject to future estate taxes when the second spouse ultimately passes away.For Columbia Adaptive Alternatives Fund, effective March 4, 2015, the investment manager and certain of its affiliates have contractually agreed (for at least twelve months after the date of the fund prospectus), in addition to an existing arrangement, to waive certain fees and/or to reimburse certain expenses of the fund.The capped expense ratio consists of the gross expense ratio, as reflected in the fund's prospectus adjusted to reflect any fee waiver/expense reimbursement and excluding dividends and interest expense on securities sold short at the fund and underlying fund levels.