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Cinching the deal is the addressing: there are many Wert families living in Crawford County. Celebrating on this day is a direct challenge to the rigid Islamic groups that hold sway in the country and who deem such displays as immoral."Every year that Feb.14 is celebrated, it is done so as the Day of Shame," said Abdul Muqeet, president of Punjab University Jamiat-e-Talaba, the student wing of conservative Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami party."All over Pakistan, our organization holds protests, marches and distributes literature telling our youth how they are being manipulated toward this un-Islamic and immoral tradition."According to Muqeet, Valentine's Day has no relevance or place in a Pakistani society, it is only "vulgarity" and a challenge to the sacred system of family as conceived in Islam."We cannot allow such acts as they will spoil the present and future generations," he said.Researchers rely on other people who knew them to finish these bios. If you don’t then a well-meaning person like myself will have to make it up for you and we may not know that much about your life.Sometimes I attend funerals, memorials or celebrations of life and take notes and that is my sole research and it isn’t much. From time to time I am asked the difference between what is trivial and what is important information.