Non verbal communication dating

To a guy who’s been on lots of dates, the sub-communication, or the meaning behind the meaning, is really what’s most important when he’s trying to make a strong bond with a girl.Nonverbal communication is sometimes, even more, telling because, a lot of the time, what’s being said through body language or through eye contact is unconscious.Where things can get confusing, is when we try to decipher someone's personal body language code. They say the eyes are the window to the soul - and it's true - you can get a lot of information about someone from what they do with their eyes.There's a lot going on in the moment - our senses can be on overload when we're in the presence of someone we're attracted to, and it's easy to misread what they're "saying"... Good eye contact is a sign that someone is showing a certain comfort level.The fact is, communication is the key to any successful relationship.In new or "pre-relationships" however, non-verbal methods of communication are far more important than content.Simply put: it's not what you say, but how you say it.

If you speak to your lover in a sarcastic tone, he might become defensive -- even if the actual words spoken were not accusatory. First, there are the words being said, and the literal meaning of the dialogue between two people.In the case of a date, this usually consists of pretty boring topics—your favorite breed of dog, where you went to college, what you do for fun—and isn’t necessarily going to give you much valuable information about what the other person is actually thinking.This could be an inherent comfort with themselves, that they're able to engage eye contact regardless of whom they're talking to, but it can also be a good indicator of interest in you.If someone is avoiding eye contact, it usually means one of two things - they're not interested, or they're very shy. This is one of the more annoying, but very telling types of non-verbal communication.