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Simkhai’s family moved from Israel to New York when he was three years old.If you struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA), it is important to first realize that you are no different than any other person that Hashem challenges and that many men and women have indeed found a positive way to overcome this struggle!While on Google Play and the Apple App Store, Grindr is described as a social network for chatting, socializing and meeting gay, bi- and -curious guys, it’s best known as a shameless hookup app.But 10 million downloads and a growing number of mentions in the press, in films and on television show that its importance is much greater than the sum of hookups it has facilitated.Grindr is today not only a thriving business, carried along on the buff shoulders of millions of gay men.It is also an integral component of gay experience and identity, whose implications for attitudes toward sexuality and society have made it an increasingly popular subject of academic study.The app's launch was accompanied by a huge advertising campaign, with billboard adverts showing the app's yellow smiley face with one eye covered by an eye patch.In one scathing review on the Android app store said: 'This app encourages bullying..anonymous message is enough to cause the damage,' while others call the app 'evil' and 'the perfect platform for bullying'.

But it is important to understand that not everyone who has SSA is an addict.

“I never thought it would turn into something global, and I never thought of it as a way to make a living.

It was just that as a gay man, you always want to know who else around you is gay,” he says.

The pop stars, whose fan bases include millions of teenagers, are two of the backers of Blindspot, which encourages people to send texts and pictures to other people, safe in the knowledge that they cannot be traced.

The app is sold on the premise of letting people know what you really think, without the fear of comeback, with its makers claiming: 'We believe in being open and honest, providing a safe environment for people to chat freely without worrying about being judged.' The Blindspot app allows users to send anonymous messages, photos and videos to their contacts without the receiver being able to trace it.