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‘Shira Oka’ is a high-school sim/dating sim/visual novel by Okashi Studios, a name which despite the name, is actually an American company based in San Francisco.

And yet, what could have been a deeply flawed pastiche of what is, admittedly, is not a popular genre in most places outside of Japan, is presented here in a fresh, exciting manner which mixes excellently the mundane and the supernatural.

You wake up several days later and decide to go for a walk. She barely knows you, but nevertheless immediately forces you to take a magazine personality test in the middle of the road for no reason. She apparently stole your phone when you dropped it at school — three weeks ago — but now she’s giving it back to you. Over the course of the next few weeks you gradually get all your "grind stat X" activity buttons. The penguin obsession of the OP is completely lost on me, there seems to be no relation to the game at all. Not particularly good, but not shamefully bad either.

While making their character, players will also have the ability to stylize their character with different sliders that fall underneath the different stats. They're the only things that the players can't change once they start the game.

The only activities which do not have random events occur are: sleeping, being sick or being depressed. However, the cycle will change depending on what day you have an outing, if any (yes it will change if you don't have any outing). If you chose for a date on the same day 5 times in a row, the cycle will repeat the same with the same activity 5 times in a row. More testing needs to be done to find exact numbers. Those activities will have a progress bar and depending on how high it is by the end will change the result.

If you always say yes, you may end up being sent back because of poor grades. If you have an event, it will replace the action for that activity during the day. In the former case, one only needs to talk to her, not set up an outing. These are rough estimates though and exact numbers are probably a little above or below these. There are also special event- specific activities that will occur throughout the year.

It has animated sprite transitions, lots of backgrounds, some voice acting and even an animated opening video. You play as (name changeable), who blames his boring job and alcoholism on being dull in high school. Not the high school you went to, since you don’t recognize anyone..?

You’ve been brought back by Satsuko, the plot exposition Angel.