Simple validating contact form courting and dating history

The simplest change you can make to your forms is to mark a text input field as 'required': This informs the (HTML5-aware) web browser that the field is to be considered mandatory.

Different browsers may mark the input box in some way (Firefox 4 Beta adds a red box-shadow by default), display a warning (Opera) or even prevent the form from being submitted if this field has no value.

Note that the Java Script portion might be a bit trickier without the tool, so I've included that code as well at the end of this tutorial.

In this simple form, no actual data will be submitted; we're only testing it for validation purposes. In this tutorial and example we are only interested in the validation routines, and not where the actual form data will be submitted.

The Validate Form dialog box will appear, and you can then make changes to the existing validation rules.

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For a more detailed introduction to HTML5 form validation you can find some great articles linked under References below.

In this article we intend to present only a number of simple examples to get you started, covering the basic form elements.

Sure there have been all kinds of whacky plug-ins over the years aimed at achieving this, but never a single standard that we could work towards.Microsoft® Office Front Page® 2003 allows you to create some custom validation within the form feature.(For more information on how to create form validation using the Front Page form feature, see About creating forms in Front Page 2003.) However, if the form validation provided in Front Page does not suit your needs or the site on which you are working is hosted on a server that does not have Front Page Server Extensions from Microsoft installed, you may need to create custom form validation.When the validation rules are finally satisfied and the form submission is successful, the popup error message(s) will cease and depending on your Internet browser you may encounter a "404 File Not Found" or similar message when the form is submitted due to the empty "action" attribute in the tag.On the other hand, it may appear that nothing happens at all when the form submission is successful.