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From the Mariners dugout, after watching Texas knock the baseball to all corners of Safeco Field — and twice, out of it — Jarrod Dyson figured his time was coming.

On his day off, he began stretching his legs out in the sixth inning.

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Suddenly I felt bold; bold enough to mention The Graduate, to talk about Dustin Hoffman, to stumble towards a comparison with Anne Bancroft, the original Mrs Robinson.

Emily grinned and extended a long leg clad tightly in denim.

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The goals of the North Sound Baykeeper Bellingham Bay Cleanup Program are to: Help individuals learn more about the cleanup sites in detail, and other cleanups and cleanup issues as opportunities arise, so they can make informed decisions and comments on environmental documents for each site, and Cleaning up these sites is necessary to protect people, plants, fish, birds and other life from exposure to harmful levels of contamination.

All phases of the cleanup will be conducted under the Model Toxics Control Act, passed by citizen initiative in 1988 and enacted in 1989.

At 33, I was probably facing my last chance to become a toy boy in a quiet corner of a cavernous London bar called Tiger Tiger.

Speed Dater, advertising in London listing magazines, had lured us with the statistic that 26 per cent of British women now marry a younger man.