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Hopefully, eventually we'll get them into our set when we have some more time or something, like "You've Got It Made" or "All or Nothing." It was different to sing that way again, I liked it. We have ideas, we're starting to come up with certain ideas for writing and stuff like that.

The EP, titled Guaranteed To Disagree, was released on June 8, 2010. The band has announced via a Fuse video interview that they will be recording material for a new album to be released in the summer/fall of 2013.Her father died when she was 13 and inspired her to make music.In High School, Jardine played violin and was the lead vocalist in a band called Sofmoure.The band also clarify that this is in fact just a break—not a break-up—and that there is no “dirty laundry” to air out with this decision.Billie Joe Armstrong posted this #TBT photo of his five-year-old self in a recording studio, sharing that he and his Green Day band mates would later hit the same studio 16 years later to record their classic album Dookie.