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untitled282 View of San Fernando (the large building on the hill is the Hospital). Donstan Bonn 'British Equipment on luxury bridge project in Tri 'British Equipment on luxury bridge project in Trinidad (Port of Spain, 1960) Donstan Bonn The Carerra Island Prison Band (1950-1959) The Carerra Island Prison Band (1950-1959) Donstan Bonn The Red House destroyed by fire (1903) The Red House destroyed by fire (1903) Donstan Bonn sopeyside School children at Speyside, Tobago, 1960 Donstan Bonn Six-year-old Elsinia Sunday Singh (1949) Six-year-old Elsinia Sunday Singh (1949) Donstan Bonn ex527 The following are the captions which accompany the photos on the site: READY FOR TAKE-OFF: Air hostesses on British West Indies Airways, the principal airline in the area which is owned by the government.

Mark Fraser Trinity Church (1870-1939) Trinity Church (1870-1939) Donstan Bonn rice6 Farmers threshing the rice at St Augustine Village (1955) Donstan Bonn trinity5 The Trinity Church, Port of Spain (1870-1939) Donstan Bonn warren9 Donstan Bonn square2 Donstan Bonn Rampersad Mootilal is not the crying kind of man.

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Proof of the earliest settlers in the Caribbean is not solely found in Banwari Trace. Basil Reid has unearthed ancient artifacts in an area about five kilometers away from Banwari Trace.

A senior lecturer at the University of the West Indies History Department, Dr. Reid and his students have found more evidence of people who lived in Trinidad 7,000 years ago. Reid’s team found a large stone pestle, crab claws, oysters, nerite shells, bird and mammal bones, a sandstone adze which is used for smoothing rough wood, quartz and flint stone flakes, and red ochre.

Trinidad has embraced the modern world, thanks largely to an oil industry which took its first primitive steps in the 1850s when a well was drilled by a retired army captain.

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