Tucker max three minute dating

Unfortunately, these tactics and “blueprints” were horrible. Dating coaches and pick up artists claimed to have found the “science of attraction” but it was a pseudoscience at best.

They really just shot at the dark and taught what worked. In the last two decades, tons of new experiments have been done by actual scientists on attraction.

on HLN"The most unexpected book of the year: World-famous evolutionary psychologist meets world-famous drunken asshole.

This book is great for giving you direction on that sort of thing.

You are a disgusting, vile, repulsive, repugnant, foul creature. No just God would allow someone like you to exist.”“I’ll stay with God as my lord, but you are my savior.

I just finished reading your brilliant stories, and I laughed so hard I almost vomited. You’re an artist of the highest order and a true humanitarian to boot.

This guy is vulgar and explicit and that's exactly what I expected when picking this book up.

Don't read this if you're going to get all offended over how he talks about women (he's very degrading!