Updating a strategic plan

The full SPC will discuss and compile measures at its Fall 2013 meeting followed by visits by the VPCC to each college for open, systemwide dialogue.Based on the results of those meetings, the measures will be refined and the full SPC will finalize outcomes and performance measures for the 2015 and beyond update.We’ll walk through both—and then provide you with a four-step plan that will help you better communicate your strategy.

This sidebar from "Living Into Your Strategic Plan: A Guide to Implementation That Gets Results" outlines a number of situations that could signal your organization needs to update its plan.The UHCC Strategic Planning Council (SPC) established a process to identify additional areas of emphasis to be grouped under the current UHCC strategic plan's goals.Working groups, chaired by a Chancellor with Faculty Senate Chair (not of the same college), and a Student Leader supplemented by members knowledgeable and appropriate for the work have been formed.The following article introduces six important situations that may require refresh.The next question is how thoroughly to refresh in each situation.