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For more information on the mod, checkout the Witcher Kings wiki page.The Dice Poker mini-game from the Witcher video games has been integrated to the mod !If you wish to have your hair cut or your bear trimmed by in a reputable establishment and by a skilled barber, this is the place for you.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's latest patch, which will bring the game to version 1.20, includes a number of tweaks designed to refine what is perhaps the game's weakest element: its interface.Update 1.20 addresses those issues in a number of ways.

This release doesn't include societies and artifacts, but this will come with a future release.

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The new Blood and Wine Witcher DLC was released and comes with lots of new Gwent cards, new cards abilities, tournaments and even a new Gwent Faction: Skellige! Find the new Blood and Wine cards, their abilities and their locations below.

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