Who is andre benjamin dating

The rapper also dropped a new track from the album, “Baptized in Fire,” featuring Travis Scott.This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. But I had a dream a couple of weeks back that André saw this video and was convinced by Jinx's heartfelt, airtight argument, and drops an album the next day, so we're running with it.[Hook: $ilk Money] (x4) I hold a bitch up, like Simba Then drop the hoe down like DECEMBA Put dick up in her like an enema Fuck dat lil bitch like she my enemy [Verse 1: $ilk Money] Rob a nigga, he won't see my face like Wizard Kelly Spitting like Petrachelly She wanna rub on my belly Asking me if we go steady For this dick you ain't ready Weighing in at 210, 6'3 tall, lil shorty this dick be too heavy Cut bitches off like machetes Would never eat the bitch spaghetti All about my paper like I work for Dunder Mifflin Fucking yo bitch when you not home, steal a zone, now you wonder what's missing Eat the food out yah kitchen Then I bounce witcha house slippers Need a bitch with some plugs and without issues Put my dick in her mouth, tell her count quicker She can't slide to my crib with no ounce with her I hold a bitch up like she short for the top shelf and she say she can't reach it Then drop the ho down when I ask if the bread up there and she say she don't see it Love fucking bitches in the winter with frozen dinners, love the pussy anemic Hate looking for scraps on the floor and them roach clips but a nigga be feigning [Hook: $ilk Money] (x4) I hold a bitch up, like Simba Then drop the hoe down like DECEMBA Put dick up in her like an enema Fuck dat lil bitch like she my enemy [Verse 2: Andre 3000] Hold dat bitch down like a gurney Hypothermia deep ocean journey In some pink turning green Warning warning I woke up in the morning my clothes are torn in shredded pieces Purple pants Narnia Hard to find even in California I was hornier Than Incredible Hulk in a federal court while the deputy spoke In a flirty tone, dirty songs, she knew ‘em all She let me escape and she threw ‘em off Hit herself in the face and shot through the wall We set up a date and got too involved I fucked her like she was a dyke And just needed reminding what good dick was like Yeah I covenant we kept each other lit not even government could give advice They got us surrounded now I think my next door neighbor saw my face in the paper Thought my deputy bitch would turn on me but she turned over and said "do me a favor" (she say) “Got a fantasy I wanna do.” Yeah? "If we gone go out, then we gone go out" "Let’s make it beautiful news” Damn!The Divine Council member returns with a solo song, expexted to appear on Icytwat’s upcoming project Milk.Helping to publish the possible project we see none other than Andre 3000, Surely the more expected feature in the past 5 years.

When André began to rebel as a teenager, his mother sent him to live with his father, Lawrence Walker, but Walker couldn't, or didn't want to, curtail André's rebellious streak, and André dropped out of high school during his junior year (he would later earn his GED).

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Born in 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia, André 3000 began performing in his teens with a friend as 2 Shades Deep.

The pair got a record deal and changed their name to Out Kast.