Who is tyrese gibson dating

That interest reached some seriously high levels last week when Henson was spotted with football player Kelvin Hayden in Miami.Hayden, a 32-year-old Chicago native, previously played for both the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts, but is currently a free agent. I know you just cannot have two narcissists together.“It’s been a long time that I have been going through this and I just want to move on and move forward.”Considering that this isn’t the first incident that has landed the former lovers in court, the single mother expressed that she didn’t have much of a reaction to last week’s fiasco.“I’m not a flight risk.It was sad for me seeing myself called ‘Satan’ in the press. I would never take my daughter to live in a different country away from her father.and racked up the honors along the way, including a People’s Choice Award nomination.But while the professional success was unprecedented, it also sparked some serious interest in Henson’s life away form the cameras – particularly when it came to her dating life.So she booked a helicopter so I could show her around L. What did you do to get yourself ready to shoot the video’s more intimate scenes? I just wanted to maintain my sexy in the presence of sexy.I said, “I need to get my muscle game right,” ’cause we’re in the bed together, we’re wrestling. The song ‘Nothing on You’ is about how jealousy can interfere with an otherwise happy relationship. I’ve been around long enough and have been in my share of relationships with very attractive women, and the more beautiful you are, in most cases, the more insecure you are.

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And as a man you feel the need to give that reassurance, to give her that confidence and say, “These women ain’t got nothing on you. The day that my girl stops being jealous, I would think she doesn’t love me as much as she used to.

I was at a nice restaurant, not cheap, and this girl really wanted to make an impression. Gibson, the lady across the room offered to pay for your dinner tonight.” And I ordered a lot of stuff that night, so that was a really nice gesture. So I felt the need to go over there and meet this woman and say thank you, and she was nervous and said, “You don’t understand. Your music has helped me get through some rough patches in my life.” And her girl who was sitting at the table was like, “You should probably get her number, Tyrese.” Come to find out her father is some multi, multi [millionaire] who owns oil somewhere down south. And the fact that we already had a rapport and an energy about us, I just thought she was the perfect girl for the video.

So we exchange numbers and I say I want to show her around L. So I drove and met her where she asked me to meet her and there was a helicopter there. Your ‘Nothing on You’ music video stars Chilli from TLC, and there have been rumors that you two are hooking up. Things got real heated on the set, but we were just doing out jobs.

Jason is currently single since the breakup with Daphne.

His recent album “Everything is 4” was released on June 2, 2015.